November 27

November 27, 1983

[opening remarks]  Holy Mass for the Fatherland on November 27 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. We are united in front of Christ’s altar in our monthly Mass for Our Nation and those who suffer for it, who because of their imprisonment cannot pray together with us.  On this day of November we recall all those who gave their lives in the fight for independence of their Motherland, the fight for freedom and social and personal justice.  We remember and include in our prayers those killed on various war fronts those tortured in Hitler’s camps and the Soviet labor camps, those forcefully evacuated, those exiled.  WE remember, and pray for our brothers who were taken from us by the present day Cains: Our Underground and Home Away soldiers, the workers from Wielkopolska and Wybreeze as well as those who fell in the past few years in the strange war between ruling powers and the Nation. [homily] Christ’s death on the cross, in spite of the assumption of those who condemned His, was not a defeat but a Victory.  His blood on the cross became the source of salvation.  It opened to humanity the road to return to God’s Kingdom in heaven.  The Kingdom of truth, love, justice and peace. The duty of building a kingdom based on these very foundations is what Jesus Christ put on everyone who made a pact with Him in the sacrament of baptism. The Polish nation, sworn to Christ and His teachings, for more that […]