nobel prize

October 30 1983, Let your Spirit come down

[opening remarks] As every month, our love of God and Country brings us to Christ’s altar. What gathers us, is the concern for our Country. As always, so in this month, anxieties and joys are intertwined with hurts, suffering and hope. Joy, because together with the Holy Father, our countryman, we could rejoice for Lech Walesa’s Noble Prize, and through him, for the whole working world which searched, and still is searching for the good of the nation by way of reconciliation and peace. The pain, because our brothers are still in prisons, punished for their beliefs. Take all of this, all that brings us joy and all that hurts us, Oh, Mother of the Holy Rosary, and set it on the Almighty’s altar. And, in return, obtain for us greater and stronger faith, hope and love. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on October 30 1983 celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] Holy Father, we want so very much to include in the words of our letter, written with the ink of love, our thanks for Your goodness, Your wisdom, Your faith, hope and incalculable love. To thank You for being the best son of our Nation. We want to offer You our love of God and Country. We want to thank You for calling on the world on the very first day of Your pontificate, to open wide the doors for Christ . For breathing the Holy Spirit on Your Motherland during Your first pilgrimage with Your prayer and Your words […]