Jerzy Popieluszko

june 26 1983 holy father

June 26 1983, the Pilgrimage of the Holy Father

[opening remarks] In this month, dedicated to the Heart of Jesus, the month of God’s grace descending upon the faithful, the historic month of the Holy Father’s John Paul II pilgrimage to His Motherland, we gather in prayer, at the Holy Mass for Our Fatherland and for all her difficulties. As always, we have the whole nation in our hearts and so, we include all who suffer, those imprisoned for their beliefs, those deprived of their jobs, those who have to hide, the working world, those in industry and agriculture, all the creative establishments and, above all, our youth and children who will face many problems and who are burdened with the responsibility for the future of our country.
We also thank God today for the gift of the pilgrimage of the Holy Father and we ask God that this pilgrimage, this effort, will bring plentiful fruit. We pray that we not lose any of the great inheritance of God’s word as spoken to us by Holy Father. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on June 26 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily]
  Above the black night of our hurting country, above the weakening hope, above human suffering, above the tragic and painful events of the past year and a half, above the debasing of human dignity, above the worries of parents for their children’s future – above all this which is so difficult – above our Country, a ray of God’s grace in the person of the Holy Father John Paul II […]

May 29 1983

May 29 1983, From far back You are Poland’s Queen, Oh, Mary

[opening remarks]
 The month of May is devoted to the Most Holy Mother in a special way. So we put our intentions in the hands of the Mother of God and ask Her to bring them to the throne of God Most High: – for our Country with its continuing fears and uncertain tomorrows; – for mothers concerned for the future of their children; – for the abused youth which has become the main target of abuse and hate; – for the dead Grzegorz Przemyk, whose tragic death topped up the cup of suffering measured out to the Polish youth; – for his mother Barbara who, while distraught, bravely bears her loss; – for those deprived of their freedom and earnings; – for the Holy Father’s pilgrimage to his Homeland and that it helps towards a uniting of hearts and minds, strengthened by faith, hope and love; – take everything that hurts us and that which makes us happy, Holy Mother, take it to the Almighty God’s throne. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on May 29 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] The prayer of tortured hearts is always efficacious and fruitful. Today we stand at Christ’s table with a tormented and painful heart. In this, Mary’s, month, our prayer hastens to God through Her hands. In the clumsy words of our prayer we have to enclose everything which makes us happy and that which pains us. “From far back You are Poland’s Queen, Oh, Mary”. 
From as far back, […]

Warsaw Poland, July 1982

Warsaw Poland, July 1982

Introduction by Paul Hensler: As the summer of 1982 bore down on Warsaw word began to spread about a young priest speaking about a forbidden topic, freedom. The reaction to his first four sermons at the monthly Mass for The Fatherland brought so many people to his church that the overflow was forced into the streets. This was highly illegal, without the appropriate city permits. Also in these huge crowds was the Secret Police, who mixed into the crowds and began recording his sermons. That summer the Council For Religious Affairs had two official complaints about Father Popieluszko. Typical of the written protests was a letter by Minister Lopatka to the church leadership; “Father Popieluszko’s attitude, as well as the atmosphere he created, changed a religious gathering into a political demonstration, threatening law and order in the capital.” This, said the minister, contributed “toward increasing alarm among the public and excited rowdy individuals.” Unless church authorities acted against Popieluszko and priests like him, it would be regarded as sharing responsibility for the collapse of public order. Because of the increasing pressure from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Holy Mass for The Fatherland on July 25, 1982 was concelebrated by Monsignor Teofil Bogucki and Father Popieluszko with Monsignor Bogucki delivering the sermon. [opening remarks] I heartily welcome everyone whose faith in God and love for Country brought here because this is what we had in mind introducing a year ago, this High Mass, offered for the glory of God and the Good of Our Country. No other motives propelled us, only […]

Basilica of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa Poland - © WDGPhoto

May 30 1982 1

[opening remarks] We gather at Christ’s altar in this month of May. This place ,dedicated to the Blessed Mother by our nation, has experienced a wave of hate. In this month, especially during the first few days, has once more gone through a wave of suffering. many this month) deprived of maintaining their often large families. We want to offer all that we have gone through to the Lord by means of our Most Holy Mother. Asking that these sufferings, our efforts, our problems, through our prayers which we bring today, the Good Lord will convert into graces needed for our true, Christian stand. We pray that God may change this whole experience into firm faith and hope for us and our whole nation. [homily] Virgin Mother, hear us Mother of God. You stood by the cross and suffered when your Son Jesus Christ was dying. There, by the cross, Christ made you our Mother and made us your children, so You are our Mother. Our king, Jan Kazimierz, named you the Queen of our nation. You are therefore our Mother and our Queen and thus You, our best Mother must suffer when you see your children living their Calvary. In this month, devoted to You, we have again suffered greatly. The most noticeable is the hate of those who know not what they do, those who produce injustice and moral ruin in our country. Their hate was most obviously displayed on the day of your feast, the feast of the Queen of Poland on May 3rd. […]