January 30

Popieluszko, January 30 1983

January 30 1983

[opening remarks] In the autumn of 1861, on his death bed, Archbishop Antoni Fijalkowski said the following: “Always stay with your nation. Try, as shepherds of your people to defend your country’s case and never forget that you are Poles”. Through our community prayer for our Homeland and for those who suffer for the cause, we fulfill in a way, the will of this great Archbishop of Warsaw who died during the difficult times preceding the January Uprising. This month we shall celebrate its 120th anniversary. We want the Holy Masses for Our Country to help retain within us the spirit of love for her, we want to strengthen our hope, to increase our concern for the good of our common home. Hopefully, they will help us to get out of the treasure box of our hearts all that is most precious, all that goodness which will help us to conquer evil. Holy Mass for the Fatherland was celebrated on January 30 1983, by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko, who delivered the sermon. [homily]¹ From the beginning of the history of our country, our ancestors fought and bled to stop foreign powers from depriving us of our greatest national treasure, our freedom, because: Once the war for freedom starts
with the blood of the father, it becomes his son’s inheritance…² Poles always knew how to defend their country from invaders. They knew how to demand freedom for her in times of occupation. They are always accompanied by the light of Christ’s Gospel, which says, that freedom is the gift of […]