Basilica of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa Poland - © WDGPhoto

May 30 1982 1

[opening remarks] We gather at Christ’s altar in this month of May. This place ,dedicated to the Blessed Mother by our nation, has experienced a wave of hate. In this month, especially during the first few days, has once more gone through a wave of suffering. many this month) deprived of maintaining their often large families. We want to offer all that we have gone through to the Lord by means of our Most Holy Mother. Asking that these sufferings, our efforts, our problems, through our prayers which we bring today, the Good Lord will convert into graces needed for our true, Christian stand. We pray that God may change this whole experience into firm faith and hope for us and our whole nation. [homily] Virgin Mother, hear us Mother of God. You stood by the cross and suffered when your Son Jesus Christ was dying. There, by the cross, Christ made you our Mother and made us your children, so You are our Mother. Our king, Jan Kazimierz, named you the Queen of our nation. You are therefore our Mother and our Queen and thus You, our best Mother must suffer when you see your children living their Calvary. In this month, devoted to You, we have again suffered greatly. The most noticeable is the hate of those who know not what they do, those who produce injustice and moral ruin in our country. Their hate was most obviously displayed on the day of your feast, the feast of the Queen of Poland on May 3rd. […]

December 26, 1982

[opening remarks] Holy Mass for the Fatherland on December 26 1982 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. We stand, at the altar of Christ united in the prayer for our Country and those who suffer for her most.  In the month of December especially, pain, suffering and hope are intertwined.  Pain – because the anniversaries of our brothers and workers whose lives were taken in 1970 and 1981 are fresh in our minds.  Suffering – because many of our brothers and sisters remain behind prison gates.  Hope – that in spite of everything, we will work for the true good of our Country and we shall feel that we are its managers.  Hope, even betrayed, never dies.  Joy – because here God Himself comes down to man as a child in a manager in Bethlehem, to give strength to the people of good will in their battle for good, freedom and justice.                 We place all these concerns and our joy on Christ’s altar asking that He transforms them into the grace of enduring in the hope of victory of good against evil.  We especially join our hearts with those, interned a few day ago arrested today, who have sent us the following greetings: In these days of Christmas we are particularly united by the firm bond of human identity.  In spite of being apart, our hearts and thoughts are with you present here with us, and we concelebrate this Holy Mass and the common prayer to God for happiness for […]