Father Jerzy

april 24 1983

April 24 1983, Come to me all you who labor

[opening remarks] 
As always, we stand before Christ to prayerfully enrich our country, so we can take to our hearts all the most difficult concerns of our Homeland. All those who suffer injustice, especially those arrested last month. Those unjustly committed, those who have to hide in an attempt to retain their dignity and clear conscience, those deprived of work and, in different ways deprived of human dignity, our dear brothers from the Cracow Commission of Solidarity who are in prison maintaining their position and staying faithful to our ideals. In a special way, we shall pray for the Warsaw miners who, two years ago had their banner blessed in this church. The banner which was and is interwoven with our search for freedom, justice and love. We ask St Florian, the patron saint of miners, to help retain in our hearts all the ideals so, that soon, they may become a reality in front of which all hate and violence will have to kneel. And that everyone in the country will deserve to live and to work. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on April 24 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] The words of the Gospel, which we have just heard, refer in particular, to people who work hard. “Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest…”. Hard working people require a special understanding of their efforts, hardship and sweat.
Work is the unquestionable companion of man. It has to save him, to ennoble him. Thus […]

September 26 1982

In response to all of the Communist Government’s tactics, Father Jerzy Popieluszko delivered the following sermon at the mass for the fatherland on September 26, 1982. [Opening Remarks] We stand today with the crucifix in our hand at the Mass for Our Fatherland and for those who suffer injustice in our land. This way we want to emphasize that, in the crucifix, everything has its sense. Everything, which we know as pain, suffering, physical or spiritual torture. All that we commonly know as the cross of our lives, the cross of our Nation, takes on greatest meaning by being connected with the cross of Christ. There is no church without the cross, no sacrifice, no blessing, no service without the cross. There is no permanence and no victory without the cross. Everyone who succeeds in just endeavors wins through the cross and in the cross. The Church must proclaim the truth. The Church is to defend the downtrodden. In the name of truth the Church cannot overlook evil and human abuse without concern. So today, the Church embraces all the painful events taking place in our country, it embraces especially those who are imprisoned, those unjustly condemned, those who are interned, the disregarded, the unemployed. All of them are, through their suffering, in a special way, like the suffering Christ. Today also is the first anniversary of the blessing of the Solidarity banner for the FSO Warszawa Union members. The banner which, as well as the word “Solidarnosc” displays the image of St. Christopher the […]

april 25 1982

April 25 1982

[opening remarks] Holy Mass for the Fatherland on April 25 1982 was celebrated by Father Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. Our intention for today’s Mass is the supplication for our country’s well being, for peace in our country.  During the Mass we shall pray especially for those deprived of their liberty, for persons arrested, interned, condemned, and the intentions of their families.  Although, due to the government’s decision, the union “Solidarity” has been suspended, let us permit ourselves, on this day, to mention a special anniversary.  Exactly a year ago the bells of our church joyfully announced with happy chimes the blessing of the NSZZ “Solidarnosc Huta Warszawa” banner.  This celebration was also attended by Rev. Bishop Zbigniew Kraszewski as a personal representative of our deceased Primate.  So we shall pray, in a very special way, for our Warsaw workers and for all the workers of our country.   [homily] Almighty God, Lord of our fathers!  We stand before your altar begging for freedom in our country.  We are here in the fifth month of martial law and on the 134th day of our country’s anguish.  We humbly bow our heads to beg you for strength to endure and wisdom to attain unity, to ask for your blessing.  We stand before you, o Lord, on this first anniversary of the blessing of our “Solidarity Huta Warszawa” banner.  The banner which, as well as the word “Solidarity” bears the face of your servant, ST. Florian, the patron of miners and firefighters.   This banner, the pride […]

Eucharistic Congress Timothy Dolan

Eucharistic Congress Gratitude

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that stopped by to see us at the Eucharistic Congress this past weekend. We had a great time hearing the stories and testimonies you all shared of Blessed Father Jerzy. It was a blessing to talk to all of you. The impact of Father Jerzy across the globe continues to grow with people like each of you sharing his story. The Eucharistic Congress was an incredible event held in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend. Friday evening was kicked off with speaker Dr.Scott Hahn and his incredible explanation and theology of the Eucharist. Following Hahn was the Stations of the Cross presented by the men and women of Comunita Cenacolo. The evening was closed out with Youth Tracts and Adoration. Saturday morning started with a moving and reverent procession of parishes and missions and the Eucharist around the Prime Osborn. The morning’s Keynote Address provided by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Following Dolan was mass was officiated by Dolan, current Bishop Felipe Estévez and previous Bishop Emeritus John J. Snyder, D.D. and many priests from around the diocese. After mass tracts continued the remainder of the day with presenters including, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Robert Christian, O.P., Sister Kristi Marie Bergman and more. Along with many other vendors we had the opportunity to share the message and story of Father Jerzy Popieluszko throughout the day. Books, DVD’s and the newly designed t-shirt were all available. Beyond the merchandise the larger impact was sharing the story with those that never heard of Fr. Jerzy […]