First anniversary of Martial Law, August 1982

First anniversary of Martial Law, August 1982 1

Introduction by Paul Hensler: As the first anniversary of martial law approached Father Jerzy became more and more aware that the regimes letter writing campaign against him was causing concern with his Primate, Cardinal Glemp. He had to find a way to continue speaking the truth – but find others to say the actual words. In his sermon at the Fatherland Mass of August 29, he uses the quotes of three powerful church leaders to deliver his anti-government message.; First, Pope John Paul II, “The first love of those who govern is the love of those whom they govern”, then a quote from the late Cardinal Wyszynski, “Governments cannot be tyrants and a country cannot become an organized prison” and finally Primate Glemp” First, release Lech Walesa, Second, release all the interned.” It seemed that Father Popieluszko could not be deflected from his mission by the needling policies of the authorities, but he was becoming dog-tired. Small signs showed that the police and its informer network were drawing their web closer around him. The sermon of Father Jerzy Popieluszko, August 29, 1982: Holy Mass for the Fatherland on August 29, 1982 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [opening remarks] As each month, on the last Sunday, we gather at Christ’s altar to send up our prayers for the freedom of our Country. Free- dom which, as Monsignor Bogucki said a month ago, is not ours through anyone’s grace, but is given to us by God. Man was created free to such […]

February 28, 2015 – A New Beginning

(By:Paul Hensler) My web designer, Charles Johnston and I are working on a new look for our website that will allow all of our visitors to follow Blessed Father Jerzy through the last four years of his life.  To do this we will be using the speeches and sermons he gave at the once-monthly Masses For The Fatherland, starting on February 28, 1982. In addition, using archival photographs, books video and eyewitness testimony we will try to establish the environment in Poland at the time of each mass and the circumstances of his position at the church as resident priest. The Following is the first installment of the heroic life of Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko that led to his martyrdom four short years later: February 1982 was a month of great importance to Father Jerzy Popieluszko. His new goal was to try and make the church a bridge between the underground and the people in the pews.  His own church would be a meeting place of patriots: Poles who wanted to restore a sovereign, democratic nation. His pastor at St. Stanislaw Kostka, Father Toefil Bogucki, had revived the tradition of masses for the fatherland in October 1981, and his rough tongue and brassy phrasing had found an interested congregation.  Seeing that Father Jerzy was hungry to be more involved in the masses Father Bogucki asked him to speak at the next mass for the fatherland on Sunday, February 28, 1982.  The little church was packed, with people spilling out it’s massive brass doors.     […]