Sermon on the day of Corpus Christi

Today is the feast of Corpus Christi. In our entire nation Christ in the Eucharist leaves the churches and comes onto the streets to bless the villages and the towns. The feast of Corpus Christi is our opportunity to display to the world our faith in Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.

Faith is one of the three great virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity.
The sermon:

Faith is the life-spring of the believer. It opens to man the perspectives which he would not otherwise notice. This faith enabled looking ahead into the far distant future, the opening of broader perspectives, leads to accusations that faith takes the believer’s mind away from its earthly surroundings and makes him unresponsive to his earthly, purely human interests. It takes him away from the daily reality in the name of something very distant, uncertain and, for many, frankly unrealistic.

Panoramic view of Warsaw at night in Poland, corpus christi

Panoramic view of Warsaw at night in Poland

Such accusations are made by people who do not fully understand the basic principles of faith. Yet, sadly, these accusations are frequently made by believers, by some who consider themselves to be believers yet who do not practice what they claim to believe. Today we have fewer people who attack faith directly, people who dare to maintain that the Object of our faith, God, does not exist. The philosophical and historic fundamentals of faith are being less frequently undermined because, to a large extent, they have already been proven.

Nowadays it is the practical application of faith that is mainly being attacked. There is an attempt to eliminate faith from our everyday life because it does not correspond to the dignity and to the aspirations of man today.

But faith is not something which comes to us from outside. Faith, as it has been forever and is today, responds to the deepest of all human longings. The Revelation which came to the chosen people of the Old Testament and was later extended through Jesus Christ and given to us as binding, is to calm our longings and to guide our faith.

Thanks to all of Jesus’ teachings, faith is not a wild path through the unknown. Instead it is the reaching, reaching with the eyes of our souls to places which we cannot reach with our minds. Our mind has limitations.

This is why faith based on the Revelation does not take anything away from man rather it enriches him, it gives to his life a direction, proper meaning. The faith, as Jesus has taught us, is not a list of laws, dos and don’ts, theories. It is above all the path for our lives, to walk day by day in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

And because of this we cannot limit faith solely to just the act of faith, today it is not enough just to take part in the procession, it is not enough to attend Holy Mass once a week. Just participating in the Holy Sacraments is not sufficient.

If our faith does not cross the threshold of the temple and be for us the path of our daily activities, a path to our families, to our daily world, it will be a faith without deeds. Such faith is dead. Meaningless. It is such faith which gives the nonbelievers their arguments to prove its lack of sense and practicality in everyday life.

Therefore let us ask Lord Jesus to help us realize our faith in our everyday lives. Let our deeds help others see the value of faith. Let our daily deeds bring others to Christ and to the value of His teachings.