Road to Sainthood Begins 1

road to sainthoodFather Jerzy Popieluszko gave his life to serve the people of Poland.

In doing so he started to change the world one sermon at a time. We will be chronicling the journey of Father Jerzy on this site. You will be taken on a journey over the next coming years that will revel in history. At the same time the content of the words Father Jerzy spoke over thirty years ago are still as relevant today.road to sainthood, father jerzy

We invite you to travel down his road to sainthood with us. There will be content not found anywhere else that will give you a living version of his life. There will be video footage of his sermons, pictures that will exemplify the life of this humble and willing servant. Occasionally we will have guest bloggers, first person experience interviews and more. This site will become the diary of blessed Father Jerzy as he continues his journey.

If you have a personal experience with Father Jerzy, or something you would like to share about how he impacted you. We invite you to contact us and we will do our part to help share your story. Unlike many other historical sites, this one is interactive. We welcome your comments, prayers and believe that it will add to the memory of Father Jerzy.

Many may not be aware of the story of Father Jerzy, and how in four short years he changed the world. By opening up the vaults and sharing his walk of faith, we believe he will continue to change the world after his death. He has been beatified by the Vatican and is on his way to becoming a saint. Over the next couple of years there will be some really exciting things happening regarding Father Jerzy. You will not want to miss out on the unique experience of walking the path alongside. He was a Beloved Priest, a Political Prophet, and a Martyr of Gospel Nonviolence. Father Jerzy’s Road to Sainthood will show you how and why.