Panoramic view of Warsaw at night in Poland, corpus christi

Sermon on the day of Corpus Christi

Today is the feast of Corpus Christi. In our entire nation Christ in the Eucharist leaves the churches and comes onto the streets to bless the villages and the towns. The feast of Corpus Christi is our opportunity to display to the world our faith in Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. Faith is one of the three great virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. The sermon: Faith is the life-spring of the believer. It opens to man the perspectives which he would not otherwise notice. This faith enabled looking ahead into the far distant future, the opening of broader perspectives, leads to accusations that faith takes the believer’s mind away from its earthly surroundings and makes him unresponsive to his earthly, purely human interests. It takes him away from the daily reality in the name of something very distant, uncertain and, for many, frankly unrealistic. Such accusations are made by people who do not fully understand the basic principles of faith. Yet, sadly, these accusations are frequently made by believers, by some who consider themselves to be believers yet who do not practice what they claim to believe. Today we have fewer people who attack faith directly, people who dare to maintain that the Object of our faith, God, does not exist. The philosophical and historic fundamentals of faith are being less frequently undermined because, to a large extent, they have already been proven. Nowadays it is the practical application of faith that is mainly being attacked. There is an attempt to eliminate faith from our […]

Sunday May 30, 1982 – Mass For The Fatherland

(By:Paul Hensler) On Sunday May 30, 1982 Father Jerzy noticed that the congregations had swelled to the to the pre-martial law numbers. People stood on parked cars the length and breadth of Felikiego Street, which adjoins the church boundaries.  A typical father-land Sunday saw young workers, earnest bearded men holding high their small tape- recorders, and out of town priests, (the ultimate compliment, for few priests stray into other parishes on a Sunday) taking notes. The steelworker ushers, wearing black armbands, were officious. Their task was to prevent any provocations that would allow the lurking ZOMO units to intervene. The congregation loved it and responded generously when the collection basket was passed on behalf of political prisoners. Father Popieluszko loved it too. He was proud that anything spontaneous could flourish in the desert of martial law. There was shouting and clapping in response to his sermon proving that there was dignity of prayer, of patriotic feelings. In Warsaw’s Rakowiecka Street, seat of the secret police, nobody was interested in the dignity of prayer. Popieluszko had made the transition in the first months of martial law from being a mild irritant to a first-order problem.  The Warsaw militia were complaining. Popieluszko was a crowd control problem forcing the police to deploy month after month heavy concentrations of riot troopers. To the average ZOMO trooper Popieluszko was the best known priest in Poland not because of his sermons but because he cost them their free Sundays. The message meanwhile reaching Department Four, the clandestine church monitoring department, […]

oscar romero relic

Pope sends letter of beatification for Oscar Romero

At the Vatican Pope Francis has started the beatification process for Oscar Romero of El Salvador. The long awaited beatification of Oscar Romero has been initiated. Archbishop Oscar Romero  was shot dead by a sniper as he celebrated Mass in a hospital chapel on 24 March 1980. It is estimated that over 250,000 people celebrated the next steps in Romero becoming a saint. Oscar Romero was outspoken during the civil war in El Salvador, much like Father Jerzy Popielusko was in Poland. It is believed that his stand against politics may have been the reason he was killed. Archbishop Romero was known for   “I implore you, I beg you, I order you in the name of God: Stop the repression.~ O.Romero” Click To Tweet   According to the Vatican “Pope Francis has sent a letter to the Archbishop of San Salvador, Msgr. José Luis Escobar Alas, on the occasion of the beatification of Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero Galdámez. In the letter, the Holy Father says that “the voice of the newly Blessed continues to resonate today to remind us that the Church, a convocation of brothers surrounding their Lord, is the family of God, in which there should be no division.” He recalled Archbishop Romero’s words as he wrote of the necessary to renounce “the violence of the sword, of hate” and to live “the violence of love, that left Christ nailed to the Cross, that makes each one of us overcome selfishness and so that there be no more such cruel inequality between us.”   […]

april 25 1982

April 25 1982

[opening remarks] Holy Mass for the Fatherland on April 25 1982 was celebrated by Father Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. Our intention for today’s Mass is the supplication for our country’s well being, for peace in our country.  During the Mass we shall pray especially for those deprived of their liberty, for persons arrested, interned, condemned, and the intentions of their families.  Although, due to the government’s decision, the union “Solidarity” has been suspended, let us permit ourselves, on this day, to mention a special anniversary.  Exactly a year ago the bells of our church joyfully announced with happy chimes the blessing of the NSZZ “Solidarnosc Huta Warszawa” banner.  This celebration was also attended by Rev. Bishop Zbigniew Kraszewski as a personal representative of our deceased Primate.  So we shall pray, in a very special way, for our Warsaw workers and for all the workers of our country.   [homily] Almighty God, Lord of our fathers!  We stand before your altar begging for freedom in our country.  We are here in the fifth month of martial law and on the 134th day of our country’s anguish.  We humbly bow our heads to beg you for strength to endure and wisdom to attain unity, to ask for your blessing.  We stand before you, o Lord, on this first anniversary of the blessing of our “Solidarity Huta Warszawa” banner.  The banner which, as well as the word “Solidarity” bears the face of your servant, ST. Florian, the patron of miners and firefighters.   This banner, the pride […]