November Dates of Change

This week in history has had great significance to the people of Poland and a huge impact on the future of the world. As walls crumbled, prisoners freed and wars came to an end. Pivotal moments in history happened in the first part of the month of November than changed the landscape for years to come. November 3rd, 1984 Father Jerzy Poplieuszko was buried after his kidnapping and murder by the polish police. Thirty years later the changes he began can still be felt. November 7th, 1989, The East German government resigned after pro-democracy protests. This began the unraveling of the East and West German division. November 9th, 1989, the Berlin wall is opened after dividing the countries for 28 years. November 10th, 1989, the wall came tumbling down at the hands of the German citizens. Twenty five years later there is still dancing in the streets in celebration and over one million people are expected to attend. As Communism began to falter in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia in 1988 and 1989, new escape routes were opened to East Germans who wanted to flee to the West. Then suddenly, on the evening of November 9, 1989, an announcement made by East German government official Günter Schabowski stated, “Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR (East Germany) into the FRG (West Germany) or West Berlin.” read more… November 10th, 1980, Poland acknowledges the Solidarity union which Father Jerzy Poplieszko becomes a champion of the fight. November 11th 1918, the Polish people celebrate their […]

October 8 1984

Father Popieluszko’s Last Sermon Before His Murder SERMON OF FR.JERZY POPIEłUSZKO GIVEN ON OCTOBER 8 1984 IN BYTOM Gospel Reading Was Luke 10: 25-37 I am honored to have been invited by you to take part in the celebration of this Holy Mass organized by the Capuchine Fathers for the week of Christian Culture. I was very pleasantly surprised  by your response to the patriotic poems because, when I was being questioned along with some miners, some of them from Bytom, they were told then that  Fr.Popiełuszko “will not “dirty” the quiet waters of Śląsk” yet I see that the waters are already “stirred up”. My dear friends, our Holy Father, John Paul II, on June 23, 1982 prayed to Our Lady of Jasna Góra with these words: O, Mother of My Country do not let evil conquer us, but let us conquer evil with goodness. This is the trial of our times and it is not the first one. Here is tested the conscience, here is tested the heart, and the will not to allow evil to win, but to conquer it with good. “I thank You, Mother- prayed the Holy Father,John Paul II- for all those who pass this test, who in their conscience, heart and will find the strength to increase and strengthen the good in their lives. I thank you for all who remain faithful to their conscience, who while they fight with their weaknesses, strengthened others. I thank you for all who do not let evil conquer them and fight […]