Priest Popieluszko

Father Jerzy Popieluszko during a conversation with Lech Walesa in the church. Bridget in Gdansk. On the left side of the Father. Henryk Jankowsk

Street shall be named for Bl. Fr.. Jerzy Popieluszko

I have just received information from the City Council. During today’s session it was decided that a Gdańsk will have a street Bl. Fr.. Jerzy Popieluszko – says Dr. Charles Nawrocki, head of the Institute of National Remembrance OBEP in Gdansk. Name of the blessed will receive a New Embankment on Young City, crossing the former shipyard sites, running near the monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers and the European Solidarity Centre. – An excellent location and very prestigious place, frequented by tourists – enjoys Dr. Nawrocki. – New Wałowa has become in the future the Solidarity heart of the district where others will also be memorialized opposition activists and people of “Solidarity” – he added. Recall that the initiative to name one of the streets named Blessed Gdansk. Fr.. George came out a few months earlier Gdansk branch of the Institute of National Remembrance. IPN wrote in this regard to the President of the City Council Bogdan Oleszka. IPN letter were sent to the committee of culture and promotion at the Gdansk City Council. More on this topic HERE . – We are pleased with the rapid reaction of the city authorities. It is hard to imagine that in Gdansk, which is the cradle of “Solidarity”, its patron did not have its street. Especially in the context of falling in the 35th year anniversary of the “S” – emphasizes K. Nawrocki. Ks. Popieluszko united numerous links with Gdansk. In August of 1981. He participated, among others, the sacrifice of the cross on Westerplatte and […]

Eucharistic Congress Timothy Dolan

Eucharistic Congress Gratitude

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that stopped by to see us at the Eucharistic Congress this past weekend. We had a great time hearing the stories and testimonies you all shared of Blessed Father Jerzy. It was a blessing to talk to all of you. The impact of Father Jerzy across the globe continues to grow with people like each of you sharing his story. The Eucharistic Congress was an incredible event held in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend. Friday evening was kicked off with speaker Dr.Scott Hahn and his incredible explanation and theology of the Eucharist. Following Hahn was the Stations of the Cross presented by the men and women of Comunita Cenacolo. The evening was closed out with Youth Tracts and Adoration. Saturday morning started with a moving and reverent procession of parishes and missions and the Eucharist around the Prime Osborn. The morning’s Keynote Address provided by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Following Dolan was mass was officiated by Dolan, current Bishop Felipe Estévez and previous Bishop Emeritus John J. Snyder, D.D. and many priests from around the diocese. After mass tracts continued the remainder of the day with presenters including, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Robert Christian, O.P., Sister Kristi Marie Bergman and more. Along with many other vendors we had the opportunity to share the message and story of Father Jerzy Popieluszko throughout the day. Books, DVD’s and the newly designed t-shirt were all available. Beyond the merchandise the larger impact was sharing the story with those that never heard of Fr. Jerzy […]

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News:Op-Ed: Murder of Polish priest may offer clues in Boris Nemtsov’s case

Authoritarian, corrupt or rogue regimes, their leaders, and their beneficiaries often behave in similar ways in different countries. They fear their democratic opponents and rely on the secret police to keep themselves in power through monitoring, intimidating, jailing and sometimes killing those who may challenge their repressive rule. Although Poland of the 1980s and today’s Russia are not exactly alike, there may be enough similarities worth exploring between the 1984 murder of a Catholic priest in Poland and the assassination of Russian opposition leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov in Moscow last week.