Romero, By Giobanny Ascencio y Raul Lemus- Grupo Cinteupiltzin CENAR El Salvador (Mural pintado con acrílico y óleos) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Upcoming Romero beatification “providential”

On Tuesday March 11, 2015 Pope Francis approved the decree for martyrdom for Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Romero was murdered while celebrating mass on March 24, 1980. By approving the decree this clears the path for Romero for beatification. The beatification is scheduled to be an outdoor mass on May 23, 2015.
“This will be a moment treasured not only for Salvadorians, but for Catholics worldwide. The ceremony will be in Plaza Divino Salvador del Mundo, Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the chief promoter of the archbishop’s sainthood cause, said at a news conference Wednesday in San Salvador.”

The normal process of beatification requires the presence of a verified miracle. This is not the case for those martyred for their faith. Pope Frances appears to be fast tracking Romero through this process. Romero has been considered a saint by the Salvadorian people for years.

Blessed Father Jerzy the Truth Revealed

After missing for eleven days, the dreaded truth was finally revealed. Today, thirty years ago, the body of blessed Father Jerzy Poplieuszko was pulled from the Wloclawek reservoir. He was barely distinguishable, bound and beaten. Jerzy stood up for the truth and it cost him his life. The fears of his family, congregation and the Church as a whole had come to pass. They tearfully accepted the truth that their beloved priest was gone. Thousands of Catholics from Poland to the Vatican and around the world mourned the loss of their beloved priest. As the word of his apparent murder spread, the Catholic Church stumbled at his loss. “All America shares the grief of the Polish people at the news of the tragic death of Father Jerzy Popieluszko. Father Popieluszko was a champion of Christian values and a courageous spokesman for the cause of liberty. His life exemplified the highest ideals of human dignity; his death strengthens the resolve of all freedom loving peoples to stand firm in their convictions. Father Popieluszko’s spirit lives on. The world’s conscience will not be at rest until the perpetrators of this heinous crime have been brought to justice.” – Ronald Reagan Leaders both religious and political across the globe spoke out against the travesty and honoring the life of Father Jerzy. The world was stunned that a priest, at such a young age of 37 was allegedly killed by those sworn to protect and serve. His broken body was found October 30, 1984. Thirty years later we celebrate […]

Who was Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko

Who was Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko? We will tell you about his early life in a later writing.  But as the 30th Anniversary of his martyrdom approaches on October 19th, I wanted to write an overview of this remarkable man and his heroic life in the four years before his murder. From the day he found his voice in 1980, he preached the Good News of the Risen Christ. His sermons, based on his deep love for his country and his faith brought the first hint that freedom was possible in a country that had known nothing but Russia’s one-party rule the last 40 years.. But this talk of personal and political freedom also brought stern warnings from the communist government. For those who attended his services, the potential of a beating or arrest was just outside the doors of his church. And yet the crowds for his once-a-month ‘Masses for The Fatherland’ grew to over 25,000 people. The Secret Police were ordered to stop what the government was calling ‘seances of hate’ and so he was arrested, over and over again, strip searched and humiliated. But after each attempt to scare him he would return to his podium and speak with even more conviction, about non-violence and human rights. By late 1984, the communist government in Poland had heard enough. On October 19, 1984 – 37-year-old Father Jerzy Popieluszko’s call for a non-violent resolution to 40 years of Russian occupation and oppression were silenced by the secret police. He was, kidnapped, gagged, hog-tied and then beaten […]