Blessed Father Jerzy the Truth Revealed

After missing for eleven days, the dreaded truth was finally revealed.

Today, thirty years ago, the body of blessed Father Jerzy Poplieuszko was pulled from the Wloclawek reservoir. He was barely distinguishable, bound and beaten. Jerzy stood up for the truth and it cost him his life.

The fears of his family, congregation and the Church as a whole had come to pass. They tearfully accepted the truth that their beloved priest was gone.Tears of Truth

Thousands of Catholics from Poland to the Vatican and around the world mourned the loss of their beloved priest. As the word of his apparent murder spread, the Catholic Church stumbled at his loss.

“All America shares the grief of the Polish people at the news of the tragic death of Father Jerzy Popieluszko. Father Popieluszko was a champion of Christian values and a courageous spokesman for the cause of liberty. His life exemplified the highest ideals of human dignity; his death strengthens the resolve of all freedom loving peoples to stand firm in their convictions. Father Popieluszko’s spirit lives on. The world’s conscience will not be at rest until the perpetrators of this heinous crime have been brought to justice.”Ronald Reagan

Leaders both religious and political across the globe spoke out against the travesty and honoring the life of Father Jerzy. The world was stunned that a priest, at such a young age of 37 was allegedly killed by those sworn to protect and serve.

Truth of SolidarityHis broken body was found October 30, 1984. Thirty years later we celebrate his life and death. Father Jerzy Poplieuszko lost his life to bring the truth to his people. Today his sermons are just as relevant as when they were first spoken.

“Someone wanted to kill the hope that it is possible to avoid violence in Polish political life.” -Solidarity leader Lech Walesa

Approximately 250,000 people attended Father Jerzy’s funeral, many more mourned around the world. As a champion of the trade union Solidarity Jerzy will always be remembered for his messages of truth and non-violence .

As of September, 2014 Father Jerzy’s death has proven to not all be in vain. The Vatican officially recognized his second miracle. By gaining two miracles he is now on the road to sainthood.

As we celebrate his life and all that he stood up for when communism finally silenced his voice. It is up to our generation to spread his story, share his messages and not let his death futile.

On this thirty year anniversary it seems only right that the prayer that gained his postmortem mercy be shared. Read this prayer and ask for Father Jerzy’s blessing:

The Prayer of Gratitude

Our God, the source of all good, I thank you
that, through your love, you gave the Blessed
Jerzy Popieluszko the dignity of priesthood.
You sent him to eagerly spread your word, to
administer the holy sacrament, to act
intrepidly in Your Name and to always be
close to every human being, calling for
forgiveness, unity and peace. You granted
him the grace of martyrdom, by which he
become like Jesus Christ on the Way of the
We adore you and than you, our Lord, for
this great gift for the Church, and especially
for making him the intermediary in the
distribution of grace. In your infinite mercy,
please let him join the Community of your
Saints and grant through his intercession
the grace… I am asking for in confidence.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

Pray for Father Jerzy and the repose of his soul, as we carry his memory on our shoulders. We can only hope that when our time comes we too can be a Messenger of the Truth.