December 25,1983 Sermon, Good will of God

[opening remarks] “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of good will”. This is the proclamation of God given to men on Christmas Day. At this Mass for Our Country, we come together to give God glory, to strengthen ourselves through God, and through our daily lives, to realize the second part of this proclamation: “and on earth, peace to people of good will”. Strengthened by God we will be more able to build peace within ourselves, within our families, peace in our Nation. No one can build peace if he does not give glory to God in the highest while he is constructing it. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on December 25 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] On this night of God’s birth it would suffice, instead of the homily, simply to shake hands, look deeply into each other’s eyes and embrace each other with love. To see the tears of those suffering. In our hearts, to embrace those imprisoned and their families. Hug the orphaned children, the all too soon widowed wives. Sing a Christmas carol. That would quite suffice. We could end with just that. However the day of God’s birth resounds with the proclamation of the Angel: “Glory to God in the highest and, on earth, peace to people of good will”. Because God entrusted peace to people on Christmas Day. Peace on earth. Peace of human hearts and consciences. Peace is what today humanity longs for the most. […]

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Miracle through the intercession of Bl. Jerzy Popieluszko

France: completes the process ws. Miracle through the intercession of Bl. Jerzy Popieluszko Francja: kończy się proces ws. cudu za wstawiennictwem bł. Jerzego Popiełuszki Translated via Google Translate France: completes the process ws. Miracle through the intercession of Bl. Jerzy Popieluszko 2015-09-04 14:10 bp (KAI) / Créteil / KAI Closing Ceremony ws process. Presumed miracle through the intercession of Bl. Jerzy Popieluszko will be held on September 14 at the Cathedral of Creteil near Paris – KAI learned in the Polish Catholic Mission in France. This is accomplished by the local ordinary, Bishop Michel santier on the 68th anniversary of the birth of Polish martyr and third anniversary of the medically inexplicable healing of François Audel with atypical chronic myeloid leukemia, which was the subject of the process. Process file will be sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. If the consul Medical confirm the inexplicable nature of the congregation healing, consul theological finds link between healing and prayer for the intercession of Bl. Jerzy Popieluszko, and cardinals and bishops – members of the congregation take their decisions, then prefect of the congregation will be able to ask the Pope for permission to issue a decree on the ensuing miracle through the intercession of the patron saint of “Solidarity”. This will open the way for his canonization. 56-year-old François Audelan, the father of three daughters for 11 years was suffering from chronic myelogenous leukemia unusual. He was in the hospital them. Albert Chenevier in Créteil. It has not helped previously used […]

Eucharistic Congress Timothy Dolan

Eucharistic Congress Gratitude

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that stopped by to see us at the Eucharistic Congress this past weekend. We had a great time hearing the stories and testimonies you all shared of Blessed Father Jerzy. It was a blessing to talk to all of you. The impact of Father Jerzy across the globe continues to grow with people like each of you sharing his story. The Eucharistic Congress was an incredible event held in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend. Friday evening was kicked off with speaker Dr.Scott Hahn and his incredible explanation and theology of the Eucharist. Following Hahn was the Stations of the Cross presented by the men and women of Comunita Cenacolo. The evening was closed out with Youth Tracts and Adoration. Saturday morning started with a moving and reverent procession of parishes and missions and the Eucharist around the Prime Osborn. The morning’s Keynote Address provided by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Following Dolan was mass was officiated by Dolan, current Bishop Felipe Estévez and previous Bishop Emeritus John J. Snyder, D.D. and many priests from around the diocese. After mass tracts continued the remainder of the day with presenters including, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. Robert Christian, O.P., Sister Kristi Marie Bergman and more. Along with many other vendors we had the opportunity to share the message and story of Father Jerzy Popieluszko throughout the day. Books, DVD’s and the newly designed t-shirt were all available. Beyond the merchandise the larger impact was sharing the story with those that never heard of Fr. Jerzy […]