April 29 1984 Mass Celebrated by Bishop Zbigniew Jozef Kraszewski

Holy Mass for the Fatherland on April 29 1984 was celebrated by Bishop Zbigniew Jozef Kraszewski who delivered the sermon.

[closing remarks]

Just so Warsaw does not brag that there are so many of us here… We are so many because we have many visitors from other cities. I want to thank sincerely those who went to a lot of trouble to arrive here. Not all could come. I had a phone call from Piekary Slaskie before Mass. They were detained for 48-hours. The reason? The Mass in Warsaw. They were allowed to go half-an-hour before Mass. They called me immediately to say that they are with us in heart only. Nevertheless, their families from Zakopane, Piekary Slaskie, Slupsk, Wroclaw, Kolobrzeg, Czestochowa, Gdynia, Gdansk, Siemianowice, Michalowice Slaskie, farmers from Wierzbno, representatives from Bialystok, Krakow, Lublin, Ostroleka, Garwolin, Lapy, Suwalik, Nowa Huta, Ostrow Mazowiecki, Lodz, from Malborek, Kielce, Bielska-Biala, Torun, Swidnik, Lubin, Siedlce, Swinioujscie, Chelm,Mistrzejowice, Bransk, Oswiecim and Huta Baildon in Katowice and many others who I have not mentioned – It is impossible to mention everybody.

One more request. As always we are leaving for our homes in absolute silence, in meditation. Let us not abandon the atmosphere of prayer which we have maintained here for almost two hours. We are not distributing any pamphlets, we do not show any pamphlets, we do not give anybody the opportunity to use our gathering for provocation.
God bless you.