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voice of the youth

March 25 1984 The Voice of the Youth

[opening remarks] On the same day that Holy Father consecrated the entire world, peoples and nations to the Heart of the Blessed Mother, we gather at our Church’s altar to bring the prayers for our Country and for those who suffer most for her. So, through the Blessed Mother’s hands we place our prayers before God’s throne enclosing in our clumsy words all the pains, concerns and worries of our Nation. In a special way, in our prayers, we include those who cannot be with us be- cause they are in prison, that is the leaders of “Solidarity”, the Committee of the Defense of the Workers, Confederation of Independent Poland, Dr.Bednarkiewicz, as well as the imprisoned last month for independent thinking, author Marek Nowakowski, and all those imprisoned for their beliefs. We commend our brothers who paid with their lives for the love of their country. We commend the school children of Garwolin who bravely stood up in the defense of Christ’s cross. We place at the altar of Christ, our Lord, with humility and faith, everything that connects us to the Country. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on March 25 1984 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] Holy Mother, we who gather in this Zoliborz church each month at the Mass for Our Country, for those who suffer for her the most, on this day when Holy Father entrusts the entire world to You, all peoples and all nations. We place in your blessed hands, You the best of […]