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January 29 1984, To Retain Human Dignity

January 29 1984, To Retain Human Dignity 1

[opening remarks] “Strengthen the hands that are feeble, make firm the knees that are weak. Say to those whose hearts are frightened : Be strong! Fear not!”(Is 35, 3-4). As each month, so also today we are in this church, reunited through the prayer for our Nation with one another and with those who suffer for Her. We are here to fulfill the call of Isaiah in relation to each other. In our meeting with God, we are to strengthen our hearts so as to be able to love more, clean our conscience, become stronger with God’s help and be able to say to our suffering brothers: Courage! Do not be afraid! Remain hopeful! Our prayer today will be accompanied by someone who, in a wonderful way, could join his love of God with his love for Country. The figure of Romuald Traugutt, leader of the January Rebellion, and today, a candidate for sainthood. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on January 29 1984 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life.” (John 3, 16). God so loved man that He made him His child. He raised him to the status of God’s child. Do we sufficiently realize the meaning of this great distinction that being a child of God signifies? Do we realize what a great Honor it is? However, since God gave us freedom, He […]