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August 28 1983

August 28 1983, Freedom, Truth, Justice, Solidarity.

[opening remarks] Today on the third anniversary of August 1980, Today on the third anniversary of August 1980, third anniversary of the political revolt of the people of Wybrzeze, to whom we bow, on the third anniversary of support strikes by Huta Warszawa and the Warsaw division of PKS, we gather in church with our motto: God and Country. With our prayers we call today with our bishops, in the words of their report of the last conference, we call for our Country’s urgent need to get onto the path of national renewal through the fulfillment of national agreements reached in August 1980 by state representatives and the representation of the working world. That our prayer be fruitful and productive, let us ask God to forgive our sins and omissions. Holy Mass for the Fatherland on August 28 1983 was celebrated by Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko who delivered the sermon. [homily] Today, on this third anniversary of the attempt to recreate our country, we should only require a moment of thought to recall those times when, on the hot days of September 1980, “Solidarity” was born. Born of the concern for our country with pain and unrest in our hearts, uncertainty about tomorrow, physical and spiritual exhaustion, on bended knees, with a rosary in our hand, on our knees in front of the open-air altar, with patriotic and religious hymns on our lips, in our glorious rebellion of the working man supported by the inteligentia and the world of culture. This “Solidarity”, solidarity of our nation […]