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Prayers, Performances and more in Poland in Commemoration 1

Prayers, Performances and more in Poland to Commemorate 31st Anniversary of His Death. A young Polish pro-Solidarity priest, the Rev. Jerzy Popieluszko, is abducted and murdered by Communist secret police. Poland commemorates his death with prayers, church services and the airing of Messenger of the Truth. The President of Poland will lead the 31st anniversary commemoration ceremonies that will last a few days.  President Duda will take part in mass and then lay flowers at Father Jerzy Popieluszko’s grave-site. Poland pays tribute to slain ‘Solidarity priest’ Popiełuszko Five years ago Fr. Jerzy was declared ‘Blessed‘ by the Roman Catholic Church with his beatification and start of the path to sainthood. As many anxiously await the future of Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popieluzsko we continue to follow him on his road to sainthood. Polish Television airs tonight an American documentary entitled “Jerzy Popieluszko. Messenger of the Truth”. Based on the book “The Priest and the Policeman” by John Moody and Roger Boyes, it was directed by Tony Haines and written and produced by Paul Hensler, who began his career in Hollywood working on films such as “Apocalypse Now” and “The Deer Hunter”. – See more here.