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WESTERPL, Solidarność, September 26 1982

Respect of Human Rights in the Face of Adversity 1

Introduction by Paul Hensler: Month after month the secret police maintained their pressure on Father Jerzy. Every time he delivered the sermon at a mass for the Fatherland the SB would deliver another dose of harassment; his tires were slashed, his car splashed with paint and police vehicles would sit outside the rectory every night , rev their engines and sound their sirens every hour on the hour.  It was not only Father Jerzy who suffered from lack of sleep and flat tires. The same was happening to His pastor Father Bogucki and the resident priests and nuns who lived in and near the rectory. The police could silence Father Popieluszko either directly by building up criminal charges against the priest, or by stealth, by demonstrating that the priest was in so much personal danger the Church should transfer him. Perhaps to Rome, perhaps to the countryside, far away from workers, from intellectuals, and from Solidarity. In response to all of the Communist Government’s tactics, Father Jerzy Popieluszko delivered the following sermon at the mass for the fatherland on September 26, 1982. [Opening Remarks] We stand today with the crucifix in our hand at the Mass for Our Fatherland and for those who suffer injustice in our land. This way we want to emphasize that, in the crucifix, everything has its sense. Everything, which we know as pain, suffering, physical or spiritual torture. All that we commonly know as the cross of our lives, the cross of our Nation, takes on greatest meaning by being […]