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September 26 1982

In response to all of the Communist Government’s tactics, Father Jerzy Popieluszko delivered the following sermon at the mass for the fatherland on September 26, 1982. [Opening Remarks] We stand today with the crucifix in our hand at the Mass for Our Fatherland and for those who suffer injustice in our land. This way we want to emphasize that, in the crucifix, everything has its sense. Everything, which we know as pain, suffering, physical or spiritual torture. All that we commonly know as the cross of our lives, the cross of our Nation, takes on greatest meaning by being connected with the cross of Christ. There is no church without the cross, no sacrifice, no blessing, no service without the cross. There is no permanence and no victory without the cross. Everyone who succeeds in just endeavors wins through the cross and in the cross. The Church must proclaim the truth. The Church is to defend the downtrodden. In the name of truth the Church cannot overlook evil and human abuse without concern. So today, the Church embraces all the painful events taking place in our country, it embraces especially those who are imprisoned, those unjustly condemned, those who are interned, the disregarded, the unemployed. All of them are, through their suffering, in a special way, like the suffering Christ. Today also is the first anniversary of the blessing of the Solidarity banner for the FSO Warszawa Union members. The banner which, as well as the word “Solidarnosc” displays the image of St. Christopher the […]