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March 31, 2015 – A look back

On December 13, 1981, Communist Party Leader, General Wojciech Jaruzelski declared war on his own country. The first weeks of martial law were dark days in Poland, and information was power. The authorities were rigidly censoring all reports of unrest, of resistance in the heavy industrial fortresses at the Gdansk shipyards, the Silesian mines and the massive steel mills in Warsaw and Katowice. Nine miners protesting martial law were shot dead at the Wujek mine. Many more anti martial law protesters were killed and injured all over the country.   Father Popieluszko’s priestly duty was to mix with the injured and the unemployed. In doing so he met with Solidarity fugitives who were planning to move their opposition network completely “underground.” Those men on the run and their families that were left behind in a Communist police state needed material assistance. They had to change apartments every night, had to be clothed, fed, given access to supplies like printing machines, paper and safe phones. Father Popieluszko made his choice. He would try and make the Catholic Church a bridge between the underground and the daily life on the streets of Warsaw.His own church would be a meeting place of patriots: Poles who wanted to restore a sovereign, democratic nation. The pastor of St. Stanislaw Kostka church, Father Teofil Bogucki, had revived the tradition of the masses for the fatherland in October 1981, and his rough tongue and brassy phrasing had found an interested congregation. When Father Popieluszko took over the masses after the imposition of […]