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Blessed Father Jerzy the Truth Revealed

After missing for eleven days, the dreaded truth was finally revealed. Today, thirty years ago, the body of blessed Father Jerzy Poplieuszko was pulled from the Wloclawek reservoir. He was barely distinguishable, bound and beaten. Jerzy stood up for the truth and it cost him his life. The fears of his family, congregation and the Church as a whole had come to pass. They tearfully accepted the truth that their beloved priest was gone. Thousands of Catholics from Poland to the Vatican and around the world mourned the loss of their beloved priest. As the word of his apparent murder spread, the Catholic Church stumbled at his loss. “All America shares the grief of the Polish people at the news of the tragic death of Father Jerzy Popieluszko. Father Popieluszko was a champion of Christian values and a courageous spokesman for the cause of liberty. His life exemplified the highest ideals of human dignity; his death strengthens the resolve of all freedom loving peoples to stand firm in their convictions. Father Popieluszko’s spirit lives on. The world’s conscience will not be at rest until the perpetrators of this heinous crime have been brought to justice.” – Ronald Reagan Leaders both religious and political across the globe spoke out against the travesty and honoring the life of Father Jerzy. The world was stunned that a priest, at such a young age of 37 was allegedly killed by those sworn to protect and serve. His broken body was found October 30, 1984. Thirty years later we celebrate […]

October 8 1984

Father Popieluszko’s Last Sermon Before His Murder SERMON OF FR.JERZY POPIEłUSZKO GIVEN ON OCTOBER 8 1984 IN BYTOM Gospel Reading Was Luke 10: 25-37 I am honored to have been invited by you to take part in the celebration of this Holy Mass organized by the Capuchine Fathers for the week of Christian Culture. I was very pleasantly surprised  by your response to the patriotic poems because, when I was being questioned along with some miners, some of them from Bytom, they were told then that  Fr.Popiełuszko “will not “dirty” the quiet waters of Śląsk” yet I see that the waters are already “stirred up”. My dear friends, our Holy Father, John Paul II, on June 23, 1982 prayed to Our Lady of Jasna Góra with these words: O, Mother of My Country do not let evil conquer us, but let us conquer evil with goodness. This is the trial of our times and it is not the first one. Here is tested the conscience, here is tested the heart, and the will not to allow evil to win, but to conquer it with good. “I thank You, Mother- prayed the Holy Father,John Paul II- for all those who pass this test, who in their conscience, heart and will find the strength to increase and strengthen the good in their lives. I thank you for all who remain faithful to their conscience, who while they fight with their weaknesses, strengthened others. I thank you for all who do not let evil conquer them and fight […]